The Battles of Waterloo (EN)

The Battles of Waterloo (EN)
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Das aus Amerika stammende The Battles of Waterloo erschien im Jahr 1994 im Hause GMT Games. Es... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Battles of Waterloo (EN)"

Das aus Amerika stammende The Battles of Waterloo erschien im Jahr 1994 im Hause GMT Games. Es handelt sich um ein komplexes Stategiespiel in englischer Sprache.

Orginal Description by GMT Games

  • Quatre Bras Can Marshal Ney get II Corps into action and seize the road to Brussels, or will The Duke ultimately funnel enough reinforcements into the crossroads to stymie Napoleon's "Perfect Plan"? PLAYED ON ONE MAP
  • Ligny Can Napoleon destroy Blücher's army in one massive battle, so that he can turn and concentrate on les Anglais, defeating each army piecemeal? Or will the wily Prussian player wreak enough havoc on the French and escape with his army to fight again? PLAYED ON TWO MAPS
  • June 16 Combine Quatre Bras and Ligny into one giant battle and see whether you can figure out how to defeat two armies at once -- a great example of the use and limits of command. PLAYED ON TWO MAPS
  • Wavre Can you, as the Prussian III Corps commander, Thielmann, hold the river line against Grouchy from a possible link-up with Napoleon? PLAYED ON ONE MAP
  • June 18 This massive battle allows gamers to explore the full range of possibilities that ranged from Wavre to Mont. St. Jean, complete with variable entry for Grouchy. Does he finally "ride to the guns"? Great for multi-player gaming. PLAYED ON THREE MAPS



  • New Turn Sequence that elegantly integrates Command, Coordination and Control with play tension: the LIM (Leader Initiative Marker) system.
  • Lower-level command ability represented by Cohesion and Commitment.
  • Combined Arms approach to effective combat tactics.
  • Multi-tiered movement capabilities.
  • Grand Battery, Square, Cavalry Pursuit, Napoleon's Health, Special Chateau Defense rules and more.
  • The most exciting, colorful and playable Napoleonic system in years!
Spielart: Taktik, Strategie, Rarität, Historisches Spiel
Zustand: Sehr gut
Altersempfehlung: ab 12 Jahre
Anzahl Spieler von: 1
Anzahl Spieler bis: 4
Spieldauer: 300 Minuten
Sprache: Englisch
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